is a tool for packing images (specifically PNG files) into XNB format, made by sullerandras.

Supports batch conversion, but has an executable for ease of use.

Command line usage is:
/path/to/png_to_xnb.exe item.png item.xnb to convert the image into XNB

Supported types

Supported images formats are: .png

Table of usage

Type of file file to XNB XNB to file


  1. Open the “png_to_xnb.exe”.
  2. It will pop up a program with two input boxes, with two buttons each.
  3. Select “File… if you want to convert one image only, then navigate to your file and click on it; or Select “Folder… if you want to convert multiple pngs from a folder, then navigate to your folder and click “OK”.
  4. Choose an output folder. If you have chosen a file instead, copy the filename and paste it in the “Output file” input boxes and change it the ending into .xnb.
  5. Leave the reach radiobox.
  6. Click “Convert”.
  7. Done!