details you need to know before you creating.

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Table of contents

  1. Custom levels
    1. Disclaimer
    2. Common rules
  2. Reskins/collections
    1. Disclaimer
    2. Common rules
    3. Reskin or collection?

Custom levels


When it comes to Custom levels, folders that this document refer to are meant to be inside Jump King/Content/mods.

Common rules

Level design in Jump King is a delicate balance between fairness and hardness. These rules are not only made to prevent unfair and impossible levels but to respect Nexile’s original ideas on level design. In order to get your map approved on the site, these rules need to be followed.

  1. Screen transitions must be full jumps; it would be unfair for a player not knowing how to jump over a new screen.
  2. Transition platforms should always work (with a full jump) and they must not be related to a specific position in the platform before the transition to the new screen.
  3. Platforms must be bordered with a line (with at least 1px).
  4. Not more than three consecutives 1 pixel jumps (1px in the hitboxes file).
  5. If your level has a release date, you must let moderators verify that your level follows JumpKingPlus' guidelines.
  6. The workshop encourages creators to make their maps beatable with boots/snake ring and/or no fall in mind. If the map doesn't follow such, it should be stated directly.
  7. Make sure you own the rights to use the songs on your custom level. Read more about music usage in the music documentation section.



If you are working on a Jump King Base reskin, enabling and disabling it will work only in the title screen (currently) and they won’t be working on custom maps since it would overlay the already existing base for the custom map.

Common rules

Rules on reskins/collections are a bit more “leanient” than custom levels since it doesn’t have such a big impact.

  1. No NSFW or explicit content
  2. Your skin/collection should be distinguishable from the base item
  3. No reposts

Reskin or collection?

Before getting started you need to know the difference between a reskin and a collection.