Fast XNB Builder

is a quick tool to convert files to .XNB, made by NicusorN5.

This program can be used in command line or with the “Fast XNB Builder” executable. By default, FXNBB is showing the interface for ease of use.

Command line arguments are:
/ui - shows an interface to select the folder containing the .X and it’s textures.
/? - shows help
/f - Converts a folder.

Supported types

Supported image formats are: .dds, .png, .bmp
Supported sound formats are: .ogg, .mp3, .wav

Table of usage

Type of file file to XNB XNB to file


  1. Download the release for Fast XNB Builder from the links above.
  2. Create a folder with all the items you want to pack.
  3. Open Fast XNB Builder.exe and select the folder you previously created.
  4. If succeded, you will find your files inside /Final folder.