Tools overhaul

Before going on detail on every tool’s detail in the next pages; it’s fair that every person chooses their software based on what they think it’s better for their own productivity.

The following table explains every image/sound conversion tool on their pros and cons.

tool pros cons
Fast XNB Builder ✔ Also converts sound files
✔ Pretty fast (3rd in speed)
✔ Works with command line
❌ Doesn’t convert from XNB to file
❌ Doesn’t have an easy UI
❌ Will always export in the default folder
XNBCLI Packs/unpacks images
✔ Really fast (2nd in speed)
✔ Can export in a different folder
✔ Works with command line
❌ Can’t convert anything else
Needs some dependencies to be installed
PNG to XNB Blazing fast (1st in speed)
✔ Easy to use
✔ Can export images anywhere
❌ Converts images only
❌ Lacking command line support
TConvert ✔ Easy to use
Converts almost everything
❌ Slightly unstable
❌ Not so fast (4th in speed)
❌ Doesn’t have any command line support
VS2019 + MonoGame Converts everything ❌ Needs way too many dependencies
❌ Not fast at all (5th in speed)
❌ Hard and long process

*¹ - XNBCLI can export in a different folder if set by editing the “pack.bat” and “unpack.bat” files. This might require a bit of command line knowledge.

*² - TConvert sometimes can be unstable both on the “Extract” tab (XNB to file) but also “Convert” tab (file to XNB), especially with sounds.

*³ - VS2019 + MonoGame’s process hasn’t been fully tested, so might not be fully working.

At the bottom of the list there are additional helper tools; these tools are optional but can enhance your productivity on creating a custom level.