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Public Release 18: Bug fixes (v1.8.1)



Public release update. Download available here.

Features added:


  • Added a toggle to show/hide the leaderboard and name tags with multiplayer, by doing so you can play hide’n’seek in Jump King! (thanks Volcanic and DolpIn_62!)
  • GhostPlayers will now show with a opacity and a colored name tag instead of a colored king with a default name tag.
  • Players will now be hidden behind hidden walls and foreground just like the main player.
  • Added menu for JumpPercentage that allows the player to switch from Percentage to in-game frames. (thanks Brunov!)
  • Added toggle to enable XY Coordinates in non-custom maps (thanks Brunov!)


  • Fixed lag related to GhostPlayers, increased number of packets per second to assure a more fluid gameplay in multiplayer.
  • Fixed an issue with TeleportLink being broken on certain double teleport occasions (thanks Bruno!)
  • Fixed an issue causing Proton to crash when opening a non-custom map. (thanks kkaero!)