JumpKingPlus has officially retired in favor of the official Jump King Steam Workshop, the website is in archive mode.

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An enhanced version of Jump King.

JumpKingPlus was an enhancement with plentiful of small tweaks to make your hard climb to the babe even better!

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Features (and cool perks)

Development community-oriented

The JumpKingPlus' team fully supports the community around Jump King and has taken notes on the features and tweaks the game was missing and implemented it. Most of the features included in JumpKingPlus were requests from the community!


Hotkey for . Quick load, quick restart feature, precise timer, all approved for speedruns.

Multiplayer support New!

Waiting for Jump King Quest? You can play online with your friends (up to 8 concurrent players!) using Discord or Steam.

Custom level and skins support

Whenever you feel like you want to play the Babe of the Realms custom level or play as Hollow Knight.

Levels and skins documentation

Creating a level or a custom skin/collection has never been so easy with an in-depth documentation.

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Achievements on-the-fly New!

Not only getting achievements work just like in Jump King, but getting them right after completion is now here!

Full Discord integration

Let your friends see you fell in the bog for the 1062th time with the Discord's Rich Presence.

Assistive tools

Build helper, jump charge percentage or frame counter and screen teleport; features all aiding for your playing or crafting experience.

Improved menus

Reorganized menus in-game in better groups to find what you need faster.

Stay focused on getting the babe

Added the feature to disable NPC speeches and the location intros.

Easter eggs

Collecting items can give you some unexpected results with NPCs.

Team and collaborators



CEO, developer, website manager



User-generated-content manager (v1.2+)



Developer (v1.7+)



Developer (v1.8)

Supporters of the project

Community contributors ?

Frequently Asked Questions

The JumpKingPlus project is safe and open source.

  1. It has been verified as an optional tool for speedruns on Speedrun.com
  2. It has been used in various verified speedruns:
    • 100% 43:07.070, by Laayuman
    • 100% 47:09.83x, by Tetoloid
    • 100% 57:09.960, by けんちゃん
    • All Maps 21:12.920, by Tetoloid
    • Ghost of the Babe 5:47.973, by Laayuman
  3. It has been recognized by the official Jump King twitter account.
  4. It has been used by by popular streamers (such as forsen, xQc, Elajjaz, Mizkif and ludwig) to play custom levels such as Immortal Babe or Babe of Ascension.
  5. It has over 20 thousand downloads and counting.

JumpKingPlus' Transparency and Safety

If you have still doubts about JumpKingPlus, read more about JumpKingPlus' transparency and safety on the blogpost here.

Still not convinced yet?

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