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Public Release 13: Custom skins update (v1.6.0)


Custom Skins Update


Public release update. Download available here.

Features added:


  • Added support for custom skins (reskins of items)
  • Added support for custom collections (group of reskins)

Reskins can be accessed in-game both on the pause menu and on the title screen menu. (for the exception of Bases, that currently will display only in the title screen menu for not being fully working). Collections can be accessed in-game in the title screen menu only. Both have a menu inside the Inventory, that can let the user equip, unequip and inspect the reskin.


  • The current site has been updated for the new version:
    • The workshop page has been reworked completely allowing now custom reskins and collections
    • The user flow has been redesigned
    • Multiple UI updates
  • Added a tag that disables game progress for custom maps inside mods.xml (boolean <disableProgress> tag inside About, set to false by default) (thanks to Abaddon!)
  • Save savestates (X/Y/screen position) on file
  • Added babe name of final stats
  • Added support for setting the starting position of custom levels (check documentation examples!)


  • Fixed cheating system caused by toggling cheats to get to a point desired and getting the achievement by restarting/toggling off the cheats. (thanks DolpIn_62!)