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An enhanced version of Jump King.

JumpKingPlus is an enhancement for Jump King with plentiful of small tweaks to make your hard climb to the babe even better! JumpKingPlus fully supports the community around the game and has taken notes on the features/tweaks the game was missing and implemented it (such as a quick restart system, disabling the NPC speeches for full focus on those hard jumps and so on!). The full list of features and tweaks can be found below.


JumpKingPlus couldn’t and can not exist without its community of dedicated people playing the original game, asking for more and more features. JumpKingPlus suggestions can be found in the #modding channel, in the Official Jump King Discord server:

Discord Badge

Consider joining if you’d like to ask anything JumpKingPlus (or modding of Jump King related)!


Public Release Releases can be seen here.


The requirements for JumpKingPlus are the same for the game itself.


Download the latest release from the side panel button download.

  1. You will get redirected on the Github release page of the latest version and you will need to download the JumpKingPlusInstaller.msi file inside the assets.
  2. Open it up and select the Jump King folder.
  3. Let the installation happen.
  4. Profit.


Current features

Features that currently JumpKingPlus has by default:

  • Discord’s Rich Presence using JumpKingRPC
  • Inventory in Main Menu
  • Importancy order in the inventory: 
  • Hotkey for Snake Ring and Giant Boots
  • Quick restart from Pause Menu
  • Workshop and Custom mode ❗ only from v1.2.0 or above
  • Actual full stats on Total Statistics, including sessions, attempts and a more specific time section (with total days and milliseconds)
  • Disable NPC speech
  • Disable location intro
  • Revamped Stats Display in Main Menu
  • JumpKingPlus additions (start-up logo, version in main menu, author added in the attributions)
  • Reorganized menus
  • Easter eggs as quantity of item
  • “Cheats” (more like tools)

In-depth features

Small description for the features added.

Discord Rich Presence

The first feature made onto JumpKingPlus has been the Discord integration using the Discord Rich Presence Client (RPC).

This has been a feature on it’s own until now, JumpKingRPC won’t get anymore big updates unless from this specific mod. If you are only interested about the Discord RPC mod, click here.

This tool can let you choose over three possible presets:

Quick Restart

Very requested feature that speeds the time on restarting a new attempt. Below under Hot keys is the key for toggling the quick restart. The quick restart is about two times faster than Save & Exit and making a new attempt.

Hot keys

Jump King on it’s own it doesn’t have complex keys - it’s just left, right and space. But this minimalistic or simplistic choice makes cluttered and slow browsing the menus. With this mod you can:

  • Toggle Snake Ring by pressing O.
  • Toggle Giant Boots by pressing P.
  • Call the Quick Restart option by pressing Q.
If you have the tools on you can load previously saved position by pressing Home and save the position by pressing Ins.

Custom mode

Custom mode is the name of a Jump King state that’s triggered when a mod is installed. This enables:

  • Support for custom hitboxes (level.xnb)
  • Support for custom level screens (midground, foreground, background, scrolling and masks)
  • Support for custom locations
  • Support for custom audio (music, ambient and sound effects)
  • Support for custom fonts
  • Support for custom props
  • Support for custom Jump King’s inventory skins
  • Support for custom NPCs (textures, speeches and deals)
  • Support for custom ravens (birds and item carrying)
  • Support for custom ending screen titles

… and much more! Check it out in the changelog.


The workshop is a section of the JumpKingPlus page where you can find:

  • Custom levels
  • Documentation on how to make your first levels
  • Guidelines to post your level on the website
  • Tips to improve your level

Either click on Extras > Workshop in-game, or click of the logo on the title to get in the workshop section!

The menu has been reorganized to fit the JumpKingPlus features. You can see below a couple images of the new menu, the new Stats display and the inventory in the Main Menu.

Menu Menu2 Pause

The importance order of Snake Ring and Giant Boots can be seen inside the inventory in menu or in-game (obviously) in the image below.


Easter eggs

With JumpKingPlus, there are included special unreleased lines that the merchants below will tell you once you reach that number of items! Have fun finding all of them!

Story Mode Seller Quantity Item
Main Babe Merchant 69 Gold Rings
New Babe+ NB+ Merchant 420 Silver
New Babe+ Snake 69 Ruby
GoTB Shroom Guy 420 Mushrooms
GoTB Mold Man 69 Ghost Fragments

Quote-on-quote cheats

One of these features has been the most requested and that is the Jump%; it shows on a scale from 1% to 100% the intensity of a jump (also known as “jump charge”). No fall and the teleport feature can be useful to warm-up in certain locations. The teleport feature is inspired over DevilSquirrel’s Jump King Manager. Repo link below.

ReadMe Card

Most of these are made for training and tutorials only.
Cheats can be enabled/disabled in the JumpKing.exe.config file and manually in-game. When these enabled, achievements are not achieveable.

The four tools as said are:

  • Jump% (last jump percentage and current jump percentage)
  • No fall
  • Precise teleport feature (Ins to save location, Home to teleport on the saved location)
  • Teleport feature (possible only in the story mode selected)

Future features

Features I’d like to add to JumpKingPlus after release:

  • Localization
  • Workshop
  • Online support?

Issues and bugs

If you have any questions or you found a bug you’d like to report, contact me with the links on the left side, create a new issue here.


JumpKingPlus is not affiliated with Nexile AB or Discord Incorporate. All brands and trademarks belong to their respective owners. JumpKingRPC uses the MIT License that allows commercial and private use with modifications and redistributions. There are no warranties or liabilities.

Special thanks

Special thanks to the people that helped me for the release such as the beta testers, the Jump King moderators, the people in the Jump King’s Discord and the Nexile AB team. :heart:

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~ Phoenixx19, 2020