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Battle for the Babe Download

by IntroCar from v1.7.0 to latest

Race against another king to battle for the babe!


Theres a smoking hot babe at the top but you're not the only one who's jumping to the top... Battle for the smoking hot babe against your opponent to see who the true jump king is! This new custom map includes new gimmicks, custom high quality babe art done by the amazing artist smhmyhead, visuals and music from two spectacular platformers VVVVVV and The End is Nigh, and two unique maps to choose from! If you don't have an opponent to battle with, try speedrunning the map to test and train your jumping skills for your next opponent!


Hi, IntroCar here.
Before reading this, I would suggest playing the mod first as it does contain spoils.

With that out of the way, I just wanted to make this readme to explain somethings about the mod:

Things about the VVVVVV map:

  1. About the teleports in the second area, I know that they can be janky and inconsistent when entering them so if it helps to know, they will only teleport you when you either walk or are descending into them.
  2. If you are to do a race with someone, I would recommend having the winner be the first to enter the goal tape at the end as the player on the right side has a slight advantage if you were to go all the way to the babe with them being closer to the babe, but you do you for races, just putting that out there.

Things about The End is Nigh map:

  1. The little HUD at the top is just for show, you can't die or collect any rings like in The End is Nigh
  2. The lava in the third area cannot be put in-front of the king as props do not have a foreground option so it just going to look weird for now until there is some way to have props in the foreground
  3. The reason you jump off the end of the map into the babe screen of the VVVVVV map is because I just got lazy and did not want to make two babe ending. That and the reference to the piece of paper at the end of the tower of ascension in The End is Nigh felt nice.

Things about the overall map:

I do plan to update this map at some point in the future mainly for better babe pixel art for the ending, that and some balance changes. The map is built for racing, but it is not perfect, so I do plan a v1.1 or v1.2 in the future.

If you have any further questions or concerns hit me up in dms or @ me in the jump king discord I'd be happy to answer!


Workshop ID 9
Release date 3 August 2022
Author IntroCar
Helpers Phoenixx19 Lord of Cheeses
Compatibility From v1.7.0 to latest
Best time from Speedrun.com Not eligible

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