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Mirrored Map Download

by Lavamander, KampZu & Mican from v1.2.0 to latest

The vanilla map of Jump King, but mirrored. The better you knew the original map, the more this will confuse your brain.


The original concept has been made by Lavamander and KampZu.
The updated version has been made by Mican which contains the following QoL updates:

  • Mirrored screens\scrolling (clouds and moving objects in the background)
  • All props are mirrored
  • All hidden_walls are mirrored
  • props\worlditems like the cap is included
  • Screen shake in tower
  • NPCs are mirrored
  • Changed the final babe jump
  • Original first and last screen


Workshop ID 7
Release date 8 April 2022
Author Lavamander, KampZu & Mican
Compatibility From v1.2.0 to latest
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