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Babe of Dimension Download

by 응웡 (cjm8026) from v1.7.0 to latest

A new tower that you have never experienced before awaits you. And what awaits you at the end of your journey is… Are you ready to go through this tough adventure?


Where am I? Familiar people and platforms that I've seen somewhere, but this place is something different. Yes, we have come to a different dimension. Then, is there a smoking hot babe in this dimension, too? What does the babe in this unknown dimension look like? There is no other way. I have no choice but to jump up as usual. And I will conquer this dimension.


Workshop ID 6
Release date 19 March 2022
Author 응웡 (cjm8026)
Helpers Munape Cloud DolpIn_62 Lawgical
Compatibility From v1.7.0 to latest
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