#long #polished #very-hard

Immortal Babe Nerfed Download

by Abaddon from v1.7.0 to latest

A new Tower, more difficult than any challenge you’ve encountered so far. Classical hard jumps, combined with new gimmicks & refined old gimmicks will come along the journey. Those will be your obstacles, while you jump your way to the top in order to achieve immortality.


Imagine, an epic story about a superbly difficult & challenging climb, that leads to a final tower; atop of that a Babe. Just like the other Babes she is smoking hot in her very own unique way, and you know that you want her. In order to reach her you must prove your immortal resolve, as well as confirm your excellent jumping skills. Luckily for you, time won't run out since she is immortal.

Sidenote: This map has been tested with Giant Boots, but expect suffering. Sadly I have to disappoint all the Snake Ring fans though, as this map is most likely impossible to beat using the Snake Ring.


Workshop ID 4
Release date 22 October 2021
Author Abaddon
Helpers Kebb Volcanic
Compatibility From v1.7.0 to latest
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