#challenge #puzzle

[Babe] Download

by DolpIn_62 & asfdsadfsadf from v1.8.1 to latest

This map is a puzzle type map that requires you to figure out where and how to go, not how much to jump. It will be a great experience for those who like to find out by themselves.


But if you don't like puzzles or get stressed out quickly, I recommend you not to do it.

For those who don't, I recommend that you do it without getting spoilers. Because of the nature of the puzzle map, if you listen to spoilers, it might be half the fun.


Workshop ID 30
Release date 9 February 2023
Author DolpIn_62 & asfdsadfsadf
Compatibility From v1.8.1 to latest
Best time from Speedrun.com Not eligible

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