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Babe of Ascension Mirror Download

by IntroCar from v1.5.0 to latest

A new tower rises after centuries of being asleep, new gimmicks, challenges, and secrets will come along the journey as you jump your way to the top to become the true jump king you always were.


Atop The Tower of Antumbra you stand witnessing the legend of the Ghost of the Babe. You grab her and fly away after challenge and peril of a legend that was true all along. But suddenly a flash of lightning strikes you, and your mind blanks, your body is uncontrollable, and you fall into a deep coma as your body descends into the unknown below you. After hours of falling your lifeless corpse bashes and strikes against rocks and rubble as you've fallen into a so called bottomless pit. 4 months pass, nothing but falling. a year, falling. a decade, falling. a century, still falling. But after a whole millennium of descending, you finally hit the bottom of a world no human has ever been to; you wake and look around to see no life, and a cold feeling down through your body. You pick yourself off the dry ground and walk into the lands of an unknown journey, with the feeling of another being at the top. 12 areas and 84 screens of a new adventure ahead of you, good luck fellow jumper.

Achievements 13


Workshop ID 3
Release date 8 August 2021
Author IntroCar
Helpers Lord of Cheeses Zebresh Kebb
Compatibility From v1.5.0 to latest
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