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Back to the Babe! Download

by Joe M from v1.7.0 to latest

Balanced to be the easiest custom map and a perfect stepping stone for Streamers and Kings training to go from Ghost of the Babe to Babe of Ascension. New gimmicks and secret areas to be discovered. Boots, Ring, and 0 fall compatible.


You have no idea how much time has passed. Months? Years? Decades? Centuries? However long you've been lying, something deep in your soul has given you the strength to wake up. Looking around it seems nearly everything has been frozen in time save for one annoying crab. You spot a glimpse of purple through the surface and begin your journey to the top and yet again, Back to the Babe. Good luck King...


Workshop ID 013
Release date 3 September 2022
Author Joe M
Compatibility From v1.7.0 to latest
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