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Babe of Memories Hardcore Download

by 응웡 (cjm8026) from v1.7.0 to latest

Venture on this new journey which will soon become a part of your precious recollections in Jump King. As you have done numerous times previously, go conquer the new tower and reach the hot babe. Most of all, savor the new journey.


You are a jumper who has already conquered all previous towers and met the babes. You are still seeking for a new babe, but for some reason it's not as fun as it used to be. Do you remember when you began your first adventure as a jumper? As a jumper, when and what was the time you've enjoyed Jump King the most? ...and now, you walk on this adventure to recall those pleasant memories once again.

Sidenote: The standard version provides a more smoother transition in terms of difficulty and is further balanced. The hardcore version is the original, unnerfed map and is for those who want a challenge. The creator recommends playing the standard version.


Workshop ID 12
Release date 6 August 2022
Author 응웡 (cjm8026)
Helpers Munape Cloud GREAT CHICKEN girlmmmm chocofondue1 DongG
Compatibility From v1.7.0 to latest
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