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Public Release 10: Custom levels update II (v1.5.0)


Wind/Detailed Update


Public release update. Download available here.

Features added:


  • Added functionalities for custom NPCs (textures, speeches and deals) for future uses
    • NPC triggers a quote if player is wearing an item. (thanks to Abaddon!)
    • NPC triggers a quote if player has fallen more than given amount of times. (thanks to Abaddon!)

    Check out in the documentation how to implement it.

  • Upgraded JumpKingRPC’s functionalities
    • Default locations are now located inside an XML file (Content/settings/discordLocations.xml) instead of hard-coded junk.
      Do not edit this unless you know what you are doing!
    • Added support for custom level images.


  • Added Quick Version Control; by pressing Left Shift + V, a small text popups in-game displaying the latest version.
  • Added the Look Above / Look Below feature that lets you see the screen above by pressing Z or the screen below by pressing X (suggested by IntroCar!)
  • Added Game Progress percentage toggle; displays the babe percentage to the top (below the classic timer).
  • Added a Quickload setting in the JumpKing.exe.Config file that makes Jump King starting time super fast! (enabled by default)


  • Removed multiple unused methods from previous versions to lighten up the total dll size.

After release fixes:

This fixes can be found on the JKPlusInstaller-v1.5.0-x86.msi on the release page:

  • Fixed an issue causing the installer to not get rid of previous Vanilla Jump King ControllerBinds files. (finally)
  • Fixed an issue causing the game to crash on start for missing settings files.