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Public Release 7: Wind blocks and Detailed Ending (v1.4.0)


Wind/Detailed Update


Public release update. Download available here.

Please consider reading this if you are making a map!

With the update v1.4.0, an error will occur once opened a game with an older map. To fix that, install the new earthquake_settings.xml file and place it inside mods/gui. The “Sample custom level” in the workshop page has been updated already.

Features added:


  • Added 16 gradients of a wind block.
  • Added 16 gradients of left one-way wind block. (thanks to Abaddon!)
  • Added 16 gradients of right one-way wind block. (thanks to Abaddon!)

Check out more about it in the documentation.


  • Added the Detailed Ending that displays if the player has won with:
    • Giant Boots
    • Snake Ring
    • Both
    • None of the above

The Detailed Ending is still a bit unstable / not working.

Detailed Ending


  • Fixed hard coded “earthquake” effect. (thanks to IntroCar and Abaddon!)
    Usually used for the towers. Check out how to implement them in your level here.