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Public Release 5: Build Helper and bug fixes (v1.3.0)


Build Helper Update


Public release update. Download available here.

Features added:


  • Added a build mode to help level creators and editors. The Build Helper prints out on the right corner of your Jump King session:
    • Current name location
    • Current screen number
    • X axis on the current screen
    • Y axis on the current screen
    • Boolean value that tells the player if they are standing on an ice, sand, snow or solid block or if they have triggered the knocked value.

The thing


  • The Build Helper for obvious reasons works only for custom maps; why would you need that on a vanilla map!?
  • The new build mode can be set inside the JumpKing.exe.config file (by putting the value to “True”).
  • By default, the build mode enables the Load and save position tool.


  • The cheats menu in-game will show only when cheats are on, custom maps will no longer trigger them.
  • Fixed a problem where World Items were not possible to remove using the /mods/props/worlditems/worlditems.xml file.

Installer fixes:

“I’m slowly trying to improve the current Wix# installer but that thing sucks.” ~Phoenixx19

  • Implemented functions that prints out the error, if the installer fails.