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Early Access - Release 1 (v0.13.0)



First beta version for testers only during testing period.
Download available here.

Features added:


  • JumpKingRPC v2.2.0
  • Disabling NPC speech
  • Quick restart from Pause Menu
  • Easter eggs (check out more here)
  • Cheats, including:
    • Jump% (showing the percentage of a jump)
    • No falls (once ticked on the cheats menu, the falls will be null)
    • Teleport mod (possible only in story mode selected)


  • Inventory in Main Menu
  • Importance order (Snake Ring and Giant Boots on top of the inventory)
  • Hotkey for Snake Ring and Giant Boots (P and O on keyboard)
  • No more confirmation over new story mode when one is already existing
  • Revamped Stats Display in Main Menu
  • JumpKingPlus logo in start-up screen
  • JumpKingPlus version in Main Menu
  • JumpKingPlus credits in Contributions
  • Reorganized menus
  • Full stats on Total Statistics, including sessions, attempts and a more specific time section (with total days and milliseconds)
  • Displaying milliseconds in Display timer in-game


  • Installer previously missing a file (music.xml)