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Maze Babe 1 by .Gotch

The level is NOT Jump King. The Smoking Hot babe(s) is NOT the Top! Find her(them) in the Maze.

A Final Babe by KurierDPD

This is my final challenge map. Easier than Babe of the Abyss and little bit harder than Babe of Delusion. 35 screens. Have Fun

Glitch Babe by Cloudy

A king opened his eyes, in a virtual world where everything felt out of touch. But be careful, it is a world full of deceit, and perception is key. 14 screens, 2 areas, good luck.

Babe of the Abyss by KurierDPD

Are you ready for new adventure? 44 screens, harder than Babe of Ascension, can you beat it? Play it and try to beat this map! Have Fun!

100 Screens To The Babe by KurierDPD

Like the title says you have 100 screen to reach the babe. Can you beat it? Have Fun.

Time Babe by KurierDPD

Short Custom Map made in a week. Everyone who beat all 3 main maps should beat this map. Have Fun.

Babe of the Mountain by .ごっち (.Gotch)
.ごっち (.Gotch)

This map is that has waiting 3 babes at top of the Mountain. and more..

A Wide Adventure by Sunset_

A pretty wide and challenging map (like the name says). Can you climb up to the top?

Babe of Delusion by KurierDPD

Short easy map for every player!!!!

Digital Babe by Cloudy

You are locked down into a digital realm, but it is still under construction. It is not too late to escape, jump your way up into one of the hardest challenge maps to test your absolute limits of skill and consistency. 19 screens, 2 areas, good luck.

Babe Tower by KurierDPD

A short custom map with one big fall on the left side.

Celestial Babe by DinoScythe63

A short space themed map. Not too difficult, most players will probably beat this pretty fast.

Darkness Main Babe by DolpIn_62

It’s Main Babe, but little dark

Reverse Babe by DolpIn_62

The vanilla map of Jump King, but reversed. Now you have no excuses for falling!

Mirrored Map by Lavamander, KampZu & Mican
Lavamander, KampZu & Mican

The vanilla map of Jump King, but mirrored. The better you knew the original map, the more this will confuse your brain.

Invisible mode by Tetoloid

Do you think you know Jump King very well as much as your eyes closed? Then this is for you; all you can see is yourself, the props and the NPCs.