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Battle for the Babe by IntroCar

Warning: Slight flashy images.

Reverse Babe by DolpIn_62

The vanilla map of Jump King, but reversed. Now you have no excuses for falling!

Mirrored Map by Lavamander, KampZu & Mican
Lavamander, KampZu & Mican

The vanilla map of Jump King, but mirrored. The better you knew the original map, the more this will confuse your brain.

Babe of Dimension by 응웡 (cjm8026)
응웡 (cjm8026)

A new tower that you have never experienced before awaits you. And what awaits you at the end of your journey is… Are you ready to go through this tough adventure?

Babe of the Realms by KampZu

A new unique and surreal Jump King experience arises from the depths of boredom and too much free time. New gimmicks and hidden secrets await… Are you determined enough to climb through the realms and reach the babe?

Immortal Babe by Abaddon

A new Tower, more difficult than any challenge you’ve encountered so far. Classical hard jumps, combined with new gimmicks & refined old gimmicks will come along the journey. Those will be your obstacles, while you jump your way to the top in order to achieve immortality.

Babe of Ascension by IntroCar

A new tower rises after centuries of being asleep, new gimmicks, challenges, and secrets will come along the journey as you jump your way to the top to become the true jump king you always were.

Invisible mode by Tetoloid

Do you think you know Jump King very well as much as your eyes closed? Then this is for you; all you can see is yourself, the props and the NPCs.

Sample custom level by Phoenixx19

Build your own level with this sample level!
This is not a custom playable map! Testing only!